A thoughtful piece from Harold Lockwood, working with IRC on the Triple S project

water services that last

By Harold Lockwood

Recently I have been on a continent-hopping tour through a different range of meetings and events, from which I have seen a pattern emerging, or at least a series of questions in my own mind, as I carry out my work in the WASH sector at an international level.

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Celebrating Improvements #5: Best Practices in International Development

Congratulations to Improve International for being such a passionate advocate for better monitoring and evaluation in the WASH sector

Improve International

By Susan Davis, Executive Director, Improve International

It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best.  -W. Edwards Deming

For an organization called Improve International, we spend a lot of time talking about failure and what’s not working. So this blog focuses some of the great organizations and information focused on what does work (also known as “best practices”), and how to direct funds towards what works.  This is not a comprehensive list; please do share any other resources you have.

Resources on best practices in WASH

Organizations working on good practice in international development

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Alice in waterland: a fantasy

in case you missed it from a couple of weeks ago, when the RWSN editor was out of the country…

water services that last

This story is fictional. Any resemblance to real situations or persons is pure coincidence.

When Alice stepped through the mirroring water surface into waterland, the first creature she came across was a rabbit, wearing a UN-blue jacket, looking frantically at its watch.

“It is nearly time. Only three more years to go till 2015. So little time left. We won’t make it. We must hurry up.”, it mumbled to itself.

“Hey Mr. Rabbit”, said Alice, “what is all the hurry about? What must be done before 2015?”.

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Learning about Monitoring & Evaluation

Improve International

By Susan Davis, Executive Director, Improve International

Last week I attended the 1st Pan-Asia-Africa Learn MandE Conference in Bangkok.  (M & E = monitoring and evaluation; in this case it was for international development programs).  The conference was well organized and there was a good mix of implementing organizations, academics, donors, and a few software folks.  I liked the size of the conference because all of us were able to attend all the sessions – no rushing around to other rooms to find particular topics of interest.

Marla Smith-Nilson and I presented on the Accountability Forum / WASH Sustainability Rating.  We were surprised to find that we were among the very few people talking about 1) independent evaluations and 2) doing evaluations years after program completion.

Other presenters talked about a dizzying array of acronyms, methods and buzzwords – results based monitoring, outcome mapping, data flow diagrams, causality, value…

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