RWSN & UPGro at Africa Water Week: WASH Sector Learning and Joint Sector Review sessions // RWSN & UPGro à la Semaine africaine de l’eau

Next week is Africa Water Week ( , the event that happens every two years that brings Africa governments together to discuss and share experiences on all aspects of water management and WASH, and provides an interface with the latest innovation and research.

If you are attending then please do join RWSN and UPGro partners, UNICEF, IRC, Skat, USAID/WALIS, MWE, Africa GW Network in the following sessions:

 Strengthening national capacities for WASH sector learning Continue reading “RWSN & UPGro at Africa Water Week: WASH Sector Learning and Joint Sector Review sessions // RWSN & UPGro à la Semaine africaine de l’eau”

Groundwater Management into River Basin Organizations

A one-day training course in Dar es Salam, Tanzania Wednesday 20th, 2016.

 Background: Transboundary water management is of great importance to Africa as it has been emphasized in the African Water Vision 2025. Almost all Sub-Saharan African countries share at least one international river basin. In Africa there are about sixty transboundary lake and river basins and at least eighty transboundary aquifer basins. A training manual has been complied by a network of partners, including AGW-Net, ANBO, BGR, Cap-Net, IGRAC, IMAWESA, IWMI, IGRAC, and A4A – aqua for all in response to the needs expressed and is designed to help develop capacity on groundwater management within the basin organizations.

The Course: The 6th AWW ( that takes place in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) in July 18-22, 2016, will launch the manual, and at the same time implement a one-day training course on groundwater management. The course aims to: (1) promote sustainable groundwater resources management within the framework of IWRM in RBOs; (2) make groundwater resources in Africa more “visible” to water managers who are required to manage it sustainably; (3) raise awareness on the importance of groundwater resource to Africa, and especially in light of the growing impacts of climate change. Continue reading “Groundwater Management into River Basin Organizations”

7th RWSN Forum – Early Bird Rate Update // tarif réduit pour l’inscription

Dear RWSN members / Chers membres du RWSN (texte en français ci-dessous),

We have had a tremendous response to our Open Call for Submissions for the RWSN Forum  – more than 250 submissions for papers, posters, films and pictures! That’s almost double the number of contributions we had at our last RWSN Forum in Uganda in 2011. Thank you all for your hard work – and above all, a big thanks to our peer-reviewers, who read and evaluated all of your submissions. All authors should have received feedback from peer-reviewers. If that’s not the case, please log into your account to find out the outcome of the evaluation process.
The RWSN Forum programme is shaped by the contributions from this Open Call and we will be posting updates on the programme on our website, where can already find the overall schedule for the RWSN Forum as well as the confirmed Sponsored Seminars on Friday, December 2nd.

We have a few more RWSN Forum updates for you:

  • Venue: We are pleased to confirm that the venue for the 7th RWSN forum in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire (November 29th-December 2nd 2016) is the Radisson Blu Hotel Abidjan Airport. The hotel was completed in early 2016 and offers state-of-the-art accommodation and conference facilities.  It is only 500 metres from the airport, making it very convenient and secure for international arrivals and departures.
  • Accommodation: We have a negotiated a specially reduced room rate for the Forum at the Radisson Blu, and we have identified 11 other suitable hotels within half-an-hour travel time. There is an on-going process of negotiating preferential room rates and undertaking security assessments.  Our website page will be updated as we are able to provide more information.
  • Early bird registration fee: We have extended the RWSN Forum Early Bird registration fee until 31 July, to allow time for authors to register once they know whether their contribution has been accepted or not. The Forum is open for all to attend – you do not need to be an RWSN member, or an author to participate. You can register here:

We will be posting more updates shortly on our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

On behalf of the RWSN Forum Management Team,

Kerstin, Victor, Sean and Meleesa


Chers membres du RWSN,

Nous avons eu des réponses formidables à notre Appel Ouvert à Contributions pour le Forum RWSN – plus de 250 contributions pour des articles, posters, court-métrages et photos ou illustrations! C’est presque le double de ce qui avait été reçu lors du dernier Forum RWSN en Ouganda en 2011. Merci à tous pour votre travail – et un grand merci à nos évaluateurs, qui ont lu et évalué vos contributions. Tous les auteurs devraient maintenant avoir reçu par email leurs évaluations. Si ce n’est pas le cas, nous vous invitons à vous connecter à votre compte pour y trouver les résultats du processus d’évaluation.

Le programme du Forum RWSN est construit à partir de ces contributions et nous mettrons à jour régulièrement le programme sur notre site, où vous pouvez d’ores et déjà retrouver la structure du Forum RWSN ainsi que les Séminaires Sponsorisés déjà confirmés pour le vendredi 2 décembre.

Nous avons quelques informations de plus pour vous sur le Forum:

  • Site: Nous sommes ravis de confirmer que le 7ème Forum RWSN (29 novembre- 2 décembre 2016) aura lieu à Abidjan au Radisson Blu Hotel Abidjan Airport. Cet hôtel a été récemment construit et offre des salles de conférence et des chambres modernes et confortables.  Il est situé à seulement 500 metres de l’aéroport, ce qui en fait un site pratique pour les arrivées et les départs des participants internationaux.
  • Hébergement: Nous avons négocié une réduction sur les prix des chambres pour le Forum, et nous avons identifié 11 autres hôtels dans un rayon de 30 minutes (en voiture) pour lesquels nous sommes en train de négocier des réductions et des vérifications liées à la sécurité. Notre site sera mis à jour au fur et à mesure pour vous donner plus d’informations.
  • Tarif réduit pour l’inscription au Forum RWSN: Nous avons prolongé la date limite pour bénéficier du tarif réduit pour l’inscription au Forum RWSN jusqu’au 31 juillet,  ce qui permettra aux auteurs de s’inscrire une fois que les résultats de l’évaluation sont connus. Le Forum est ouvert à tous – vous n’êtes pas obligé d’être un membre du RWSN ou un auteur pour y participer. Vous pouvez vous inscrire ici:

Nous continuerons à mettre à jour toutes les informations relatives au Forum sur notre site. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour toute question.

Au nom des organisateurs du Forum RWSN,

Kerstin, Victor, Sean and Meleesa

WaterWired: Our Ten Cents: ‘Groundwater and the 8th World Water Forum’

By Prof. Michael E. ‘Aquadoc’ Campana.  Re-blogged from: 

It’s been my limited experience that trying to get groundwater on the agenda of the World Water Fora is like the proverbial pulling of teeth from a distraught grizzly bear.

In an ideal world, one should not have to do this because groundwater should be included in the discussions of IWRM, water management, water governance, water conflict, etc. But the powers-that-be don’t see it that way.

Below is a proposal the three organizations whose logos are shown above sent to the World Water Council in time for this week’s 8th World Water Forum Kick-Off session in Brasilia. We limited the text to two pages – one piece of paper – adhering to the KISS [Keep It Short, Stupid!] rule.

Comments are welcomed. The full text follows the PDF.

Download Groundwater at 8WWF_Final

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Kampala WASH Symposium — Improve International

By Susan Davis, Executive Director, Improve International Last month, I went to one day of the Kampala WASH Symposium. The theme was “From Projects to Services: WASH Sustainability through Whole System Approaches.” I wish I could have attended more, especially the open houses and field trips, but had had other commitments. This was the sixth […]

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Nigeria: Turkish international college constructs 90 hand pumps, boreholes in local communities — WaterSan Perspective

Mohammad Ibrahim June 04, 2016 The Nigerian Turkish International College NTIC has constructed over 90 hand pumps and electric motorized boreholes in many villages, hamlets and schools within Kaduna state in Nigeria the last four years of its existence. Davud Sagir, the director for the college in Kaduna says that the benefiting communities include Kauya […]

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Southern Africa: Record Drought Leaves over 41.4 Million People Food Insecure — WaterSan Perspective

WaterSan Perspective June 30, 2016 An estimated 41 million people – 23 per cent – of the 181 million rural population in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) are food insecure, and out of this figure, more than 21 million are in urgent need of assistance. This is according to the latest Vulnerability Assessment Results […]

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