Webinar 6 Nov: Data for Sustainable Rural Water Supply

Save the date!! 6th November – Rural Water Supply Network Webinar on Rural water Asset management and how it contributes to increase sustainability of services! Register https://goo.gl/wZhTsH and you will receive invite with log-in details.

We will hear experiences and lessons from Rwanda by Agenda4Change partners where Asset inventory is used to support local government planning and budgeting processes Malawi by the Climate Justice Fund Water Futures Programme of Strathclyde University – developing asset management for Malawi rural water supply We will discuss data needs and how this is used to inform planning.

Governments asked to accelerate access to water and sanitation security for Africa

by Isaiah Esipisu at the 7th Africa Water Week, Gabon

Water experts, policy makers, government representatives, UN agencies, donors and nongovernmental organisations kicked off the celebration of the seventh edition of the Africa Water Week in Libreville city of Gabon on 29th October 2018, calling on African governments to reflect on achievements made so far towards availing clean water and sanitation services to all.

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Introducing Justine Olweny : a Ugandan WASH entrepreneur and resource centre founder

My name is Justine Olweny, and this is my story:

Where I came from:

Being born to a water engineer and a teacher in a town in Northern Uganda strategically molded me for who I am today. At 12 years old I was practicing and solving problems using a Pentium II computer desktop. I undertook vocational study (Certificate – Degree) and gained a BSc. in Information Systems and Technology (Dev’t & Integration). At this time, I founded Youth Against Poverty (a community based organisation) and wrote an article on ‘Youth Successes in Northern Uganda’. As an ICT freelancer I was able to market my work and landed a couple of opportunities one of which was Geophysical Survey using Vertical Electrical Sounding with Water4.org.

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