Problems need problem-solvers

Capacity Development is one of those buzz-phrases that gets used and abused almost as much as Sustainable Development. Capacity has various definitions, but for me, one of the clearest is: "Capacity is the ability of individuals, groups, institutions and organizations to identify and solve problems over time" (Morgan, P. 1993 quoted on p.7 of Capacity … Continue reading Problems need problem-solvers

13 ways to provide water and sanitation for nine billion people

Summary of Live Q&A discussion on the Guardian Development Professionals Network, which included RWSN input on the expert panel. How can water be better managed to ensure enough supply for a growing global population? Our panel of water experts have their say. Calculate the water available: We need a better accounting of our “water balance … Continue reading 13 ways to provide water and sanitation for nine billion people

Where do you throw your dirt?

So I'm in Monrovia this week running a 4 day writing course for twenty staff from across a dozen ministries and government organisations who will be working together to produce the 2014 Sector Performance Report (SPR).  Today we did some fieldwork - the group split into three and each visited a community in or near … Continue reading Where do you throw your dirt?

How did you wash up doing WASH?

Rain from the skirts of Hurricane Mitch lashed the ancient Landcruiser as it hurtled along the dark tar snake of the Pan American Highway.  Cans of burning oil belched out black smoke and orange flames in a line along the carriageway to demarcate roadworks. Sodden policemen waved us on as workers tried to salvage their … Continue reading How did you wash up doing WASH?