“The borehole is not a madman” 3 reasons why Community Based Management demands a rethink

by Dr Luke Whaley, Professor Frances Cleaver and Felece Katusiime (UPGro Hidden Crisis) In Uganda, waterpoint committees exist more in name than in reality. Many waterpoints have been ‘personalised’. That is to say, they are under the control of one or a small number of individuals. Moreover, where local management arrangements (of any sort) are effective they … Continue reading “The borehole is not a madman” 3 reasons why Community Based Management demands a rethink

Why is Groundwater Data important?

by Dr Fabio Fussi, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca The role of groundwater data in rural water supply has changed markedly in over the last few year: 6th RWSN Forum in Kampala, 2011: Some pilot projects of groundwater data collection and organization is presented. Uganda is presenting its groundwater atlas, a promising example for other … Continue reading Why is Groundwater Data important?

Africa Groundwater Atlas – your opinion / votre avis — UPGro

Dear colleagues / Chers/Chères collègues (texte en français ci-dessous) Some of you may already have seen and used the Africa Groundwater Atlas. This is a new online resource with groundwater information for all African countries. It is linked to the Africa Groundwater Literature Archive – an expanding online repository of documents on groundwater in Africa. […] … Continue reading Africa Groundwater Atlas – your opinion / votre avis — UPGro

Why is there a handpump in the car park?

Invitation to launch event 17 October at 5-6pm About the Smart Handpump Delivering reliable drinking water to millions of rural people in Africa and Asia is an elusive and enduring global goal. A systematic information deficit on the performance of and demand for infrastructure investments limits policy design and development outcomes. Since 2010, the ‘Smart Handpump’ … Continue reading Why is there a handpump in the car park?

RWSN Update – September 2016

  If you are having trouble reading this then download the more readable PDF version: ENGLISH / FRANÇAIS. Pour les francophones - Si vous souhaitez recevoir le bulletin trimestriel en français, veuillez nous écrire un e-mail à ruralwater @ skat.ch intitulé Bulletin Trimestriel en français. English The late Ton Schouten: 1955 – 2016 The sudden … Continue reading RWSN Update – September 2016

#RWSN @ #WWW : the presentations

RWSN co-convened two sessions at last week’s SIWI World Water Week in Stockholm and presentations are available to download: WASHoholic Anonymous - Confessions of Failure and how to Reform All presentations: http://programme.worldwaterweek.org/sites/default/files/panzerbeiter_lt_1400.pdf Build and Run to Last: Advances in Rural Water Services India’s rural water supply services presentation: Solar powered water supply presentation: Ensuring Sustainability … Continue reading #RWSN @ #WWW : the presentations