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Chris Mugasha
February 15, 2013

Water scarcity in some parts of Uganda has led to increased domestic violence in homes.

One of the worst affected is Bushenyi district in the southwestern region.

Wills Bashasha- the Bushenyi district chairperson says that the water shortage in the district had led to many women being beaten by their husbands, while others are allegedly raped as they travel far off places to collect water from shallow wells.

He now wants households with iron-roofed houses to construct water harvesting tanks as a measure to reduce on causes of domestic violence in homes.

Bashasha notes that it’s a shame to find people carrying jerry cans of water collected from far off wetlands and swamps despite the fact that such water could have been tapped during the downpour before flowing off to the wetlands.

He explains that the issue of lack of water in some homes has…

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