Follow the leader: country-led services monitoring

great blog on country-led monitoring, by Susan Davis

Improve International

By Susan Davis, Executive Director, Improve International

I recently completed an online course on Country-led Monitoring & Evaluation Systems through My M&E.  It was encouraging to learn about some governments that are leading the way, because institutionalizing monitoring and evaluation can lead to improved services.

However, we also learned that the potential benefits of monitoring and evaluation are often limited because:

  • Many monitoring surveys and evaluations are one-off with no follow-up
  • Many evaluations are largely funded and managed by donors with little country ownership. National governments might not even get the opportunity to see the reports.
  • Much monitoring and evaluation is method-driven, not utilization driven – that is, even if the findings are actionable, programs or policies aren’t actually updated based on the findings

This image below, from a summary of one of the sessions at the Monitoring Sustainable WASH Service Delivery Symposium, shows how desperately some coordination and…

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