“$25 will give a person water”…for a little while

Great blog post about lifecycle costs

Improve International

By Susan Davis, Improve International

Really? Spotted in this month’s Instyle magazine.

“Donate $25 at xxx.org and supply one person with clean water for life.” Really?

For years, charitable organizations have been attaching “dollar handles” to development items. I was just reminded of it while perusing the February Instyle magazine (see pic). This is a fundraising method that is intended to help the donor feel like she has made a tangible difference.

Someone in the philanthropic world decided that $20-$25 is the magic number, and we see it a lot related to “saving lives with safe water,” or occasionally, with a toilet. Interestingly, this number seems to apply to all sorts of systems in many different countries.  The cost of a beer varies much more than that (and I have done extensive research).

I was going to provide a list of examples – but that might hurt feelings.  But you can…

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