WASH can have health impacts beyond reducing diarrhea

Improve International

By Susan Davis, Executive Director

This week, I participated in the WASH & Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) Roundtable in London. This is the second such roundtable (the first was in Seattle two years ago). The purpose of this roundtable was to encourage deeper collaboration, coordination, and cooperation between the WASH and NTD organizations and donors, especially in areas of mapping, data collection, monitoring, and research. Interestingly, several of the people attending were from organizations in Atlanta (The Carter Center, Emory University, Children without Worms, Task Force for Global Health, Improve International, etc.)

Being in this piece of the former Roman empire, with its aqueducts and baths, is a reminder that for centuries, humans have recognized the vital roles that access to safe water, toilets, and sewers and practicing good hygiene play in maintaining human health and dignity. Despite this, development professionals still feel obligated to justify investments in water, sanitation…

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