My Water, My Business

activities as part of World Water Day 2015 events, 19-20 March 2015, Addis Ababa

Sustainable development of water requires fresh thinking and new innovation. Ethiopia is pioneering new approaches in water, sanitation and hygiene (WasH) that draw upon the resources of local people, communities and entrepreneurs to further improve water security, food security and wealth. ‘My Water, My Business’ is a series of linked events organised as part of the 2015 World Water Day celebrations to bring attention to these household-level efforts. The events will connect sector policy-makers, development partners, professionals and engaged local governments and communities. The overall message is that to complement the efforts of utilities, woredas and other traditional service providers, households can do a lot themselves to improve their water and sanitation facilities and related hygiene practices. You can improve your own water supply, sanitation and hygiene.

WaSH product fair starts Thursday 19 March

Are you interested to find out about exciting new water, sanitation and hygiene products and services that are targeted at rural and urban household markets? Are you eager to demonstrate your company’s products to professionals, policy makers and development partners? At the WASH product fair, you will be able to see, test and buy exciting new products and related services – all with a maximum cost of 500 USD.

Showcased products and services will include the old and new: well digging and other artisan skills, manual drilling which can greatly reduce costs of borehole drilling in suitable areas, water pumps of all kinds from rope pumps to solar pumps and the latest low-cost motorised pumps, household level water storage solutions and filters and additives to make water safe at home for drinking, latrine slabs and other sanitation products. Financial services will also be profiled. The fair is expected to attract over 50 exhibitors to showcase and sell their products and services. Attractions will include practical workshops, demonstrations, a photograph exhibition and short films.

Matchmaking event on Thursday 19 March
In the afternoon on 19 March, a business matchmaking event will link businesses with new customers, funders and partners in the promotion and development of low cost products and services for household-level WaSH.

Self-supply Seminar: promoting local initiative and business to help all Ethiopian’s access safe water supplies on Friday 20 March

This professional seminar will bring together stakeholders to debate challenges and identify potential solutions to some critical policy issues in household-led water supply. These include links between water supply and irrigation development/ agriculture programmes, monitoring Self-supply and its contribution to safe national coverage, and how to best build supply chains and private sector capacity. International experiences on Self-supply in other countries through collaboration with the Rural Water Supply Network will provide food for thought in Ethiopia.

My Water, My Business event timetable

  • Thursday 19 March to Sunday 22 March – My Water, My Business: WaSH product fair showcasing low-cost products for households as part of the World Water Day Fair (MoWIE car park). Opening ceremony at 9:00 on Thursday.
  • Thursday 19 March – My Water, My Business: Matchmaking event at 14:00 (MoWIE conference room)
  • Friday 20 March 2015 – Seminar Day 1 Self-supply Seminar: promoting local initiative and business to help all Ethiopian’s access safe water supplies starting at 8:30 (Capital Hotel, Addis Ababa)
  • Saturday 20 March 2015 – Seminar Day 2: water and sustainable development (Capital Hotel, Addis Ababa)

 Organisers: The My Water, My Business events are initiated by the JICA-funded WAS-RoPSS Project, Millennium Water Alliance, IRC, Aqua for All, and the Global Water Initiative. Other partners are invited to help co-organise the event. The event is to be organised as part of the 2015 World Water Day celebrations and events within the context of the One WASH National Programme and under the auspices of national, regional and local governments interested in household-led approaches to WaSH.

Author: RWSN Secretariat

RWSN is a global network of rural water supply professionals. Visit to find out more

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