Launched today: the Guidelines for Resolution of Problems with Water Systems

Improve International

By Susan M. Davis, Executive Director

Improvement International 8.5 X 11 Newsletter-PRINTToday we are proud to launch the report on Guidelines for Resolution of Problems with Water Systems. This report addresses a widely ignored question in international development: what should be done when an implementing organization finds out (e.g., through post-implementation monitoring) that a water system they built is no longer providing services?  Rehabilitation of infrastructure, the common response, if any, is not enough.

Ideally, resolution activities should be a bridge to sustained, locally-led services. While implementing organizations have a responsibility at a certain level, the goal is for governments to lead the way in ensuring water services for everyone in their countries. These guidelines, approaches, and models are intended to move implementing organizations toward that common goal.

The ultimate goal of these guidelines is to encourage actions that will improve the probability of sustained water services for people in developing countries.

We are…

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