Webinar recording – Managing Groundwater: The Political Blackbox

A very interesting webinar from the WaterChannel


Frank van Steenbergen (MetaMeta)


So often we say that all that is required to have effective water management is the ‘political will to act’.   Yet intriguingly at the same time ‘politics’ is used in derogatory ways mainly.  Dictionaries provide a wide range of definitions, from the benign “… the aggregate of relationships of people in society…” to the more  sinister “…any activity concerned with the acquisition of power, gaining one’s own end, etc…”

So how does political will work in groundwater management? And can it be influenced and can it make a difference? Do we underestimate or overestimate the role of politics?

In this webinar Frank van Steenbergen will explain about moving ‘into the political black box’ to get a better understanding of the role of political players and formal institutions. By comparing two different countries he will also address how conflict and cooperation are used in political debates and who to target in discussions on sustainable use, management or fair access. The webinar is based on research under the CoCoon program (Conflict and Cooperation over Natural Resources)


Groundwater: The political blackbox. Comparing Yemen and Ethiopi

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