Groundwater Management into River Basin Organizations

A one-day training course in Dar es Salam, Tanzania Wednesday 20th, 2016.

 Background: Transboundary water management is of great importance to Africa as it has been emphasized in the African Water Vision 2025. Almost all Sub-Saharan African countries share at least one international river basin. In Africa there are about sixty transboundary lake and river basins and at least eighty transboundary aquifer basins. A training manual has been complied by a network of partners, including AGW-Net, ANBO, BGR, Cap-Net, IGRAC, IMAWESA, IWMI, IGRAC, and A4A – aqua for all in response to the needs expressed and is designed to help develop capacity on groundwater management within the basin organizations.

The Course: The 6th AWW ( that takes place in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) in July 18-22, 2016, will launch the manual, and at the same time implement a one-day training course on groundwater management. The course aims to: (1) promote sustainable groundwater resources management within the framework of IWRM in RBOs; (2) make groundwater resources in Africa more “visible” to water managers who are required to manage it sustainably; (3) raise awareness on the importance of groundwater resource to Africa, and especially in light of the growing impacts of climate change.

The Facilitators: The course has been able to attract a number of senior groundwater professionals as facilitators from Africa, ensuring a high degree of professionalism and up to date discussion of the topics and issues.

Participants: The workshop is targeting river basin and water Ministries staffs or high level profile actors in international/national Agencies and NGOs who are interested in water management.

Course Fees and Sponsorship: The fee for the course is US$100 to be paid by bank transfer or at the door. Prospective participants should apply by email before July 11th 2016. Female applicants will receive preference. There is no application form to be filled but applicants are requested to attach their Curriculum Vitae. Applications together with proof of payment should be sent to: with cc to

Bank Payment Transfer Details:

Account Name Agency For Inter-regional Development (AFID)
Bank Name KCB (U) Limited
Account No.        2200599838
Currency  United States Dollars
Bank Branch  Ben Kiwanuka Branch
Bank Address Country: Uganda

Tel:  +256-+414-234173 / +256-414234175

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Author: RWSN Secretariat

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