Reflections from the Colorado WASH Symposium

by Jonathan Annis, WASHplus I recently attended the Colorado Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Symposium, hosted by the University of Colorado Boulder. The two-day regional gathering, intended primarily for students, faculty and local WASH professionals within greater Denver WASH community, attracted 130 attendees. A closely knit and cross-disciplinary group of graduate students did a fantastic job … Continue reading Reflections from the Colorado WASH Symposium

Sustainable water services take ‘Water & Health’ Conference by storm

I was lucky enough to attend this year's Water & Health Conference at the University of North Carolina. I was even luckier to make it as the skirts of Hurricane Sandy swept up the Atlantic coast before crashing into the American North East. It was a great opportunity to meet, face-to-face, many RWSN members who … Continue reading Sustainable water services take ‘Water & Health’ Conference by storm

Coffee talk: Jonathan Wiles of Living Water International

Improve International

By Susan Davis, Executive Director, Improve International

[Full transparency: this conversation was over the telephone and the resulting blog was finished over email, but I was drinking coffee the whole time.] Jonathan Wiles is Vice President for Program Excellence at Living Water International. By training, he is an organizational strategist, communicator, and program developer. Jonathan has been involved in the WASH sector for more than a decade, during which he has been a researcher/practitioner in programs across three continents. Find him on Twitter @thirstforchange

Susan: You launched your new strategic plan in February 2011 – what were the key reasons for that plan, and how did it come together?

Jonathan: Living Water International was born in the early 90’s, when water development—this was before anyone was talking about “WASH”—was all about installing hardware. We all thought that a little village-level maintenance training was enough to ensure sustainability, and that…

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